How do I redeem the Amazon Gift card?

Amazon gift cards are now are in trend to present as gifts to family and friends. Many people wonder how it is good for them and how they can use it. Well, this article has all the answers to your questions. Amazon gift cards can be bought from the from $5 to $5000. One person cannot but gift cards with exceed limit. So, if you bought a $5000 amazon gift card then you cannot buy another card on the same day. Every gift card has some limitations and one of them is an expiry date. If you exceed the expiry date of the then you cannot use the card. If you already redeemed your card but the last date to use it passed then your gift card value will automatically be removed from your amazon wallet.

Steps to redeem the Amazon gift card using

Amazon gift card needed to be redeemed in the amazon account before using it. The value of the card will be added to the Amazon pay wallet and you can use the amount to purchase products as per your choice. The following is the process to help you in the redemption of the amazon gift card.

  • Purchase an Amazon gift card from
  • Find redeem code for the redemption process.
  • If you have a physical card then you will find the redemption code behind the card under the scratch strip.
  • If you are using an e-card then you can find the code in your email where you receive the details of the gift card.
  • Now you need to visit
  • Here you need to login to your account. If you are not registered with amazon then you need to create an account first and then log in to your account.
  • After login, you will reach a screen where you need to enter the redemption code or claim code.
  • Fill the redemption code carefully and then click on “Claim the Code” or “Add money”.

At the end of the process successfully you will receive a success message on the screen. To check the amazon gift card balance you can check in “My Account” in amazon pay or gift card option. You can also visit to check the amazon gift card balance.


Amazon made the process of redeem code very easy for the users to avoid any confusion and also to save the time of the users. You can refer to the above process for the fastest and easiest way to redeem the gift card. But in case if you will find any problems while the redemption process, amazon customer care is always there to help you.